Never being one to say 'that's great Microsoft, good job', well.....'that's great Microsoft, good job and keep on fighting!'

The implications of the US Government(Men in Black) being allowed to access personal (business!) emails from a company in another country with an American warrant, just because the company is American is a little over reaching its boundaries IMO...

I guess it also has to do with what kind of relationship the Republic of Ireland what to keep with their cousins over in Chicago as much as anything. Another question is, what would happen if the USA leant on the Irish government and asked politely, whilst burning the end of a Cuban cigar on the Prime Minister's hand, to produce their own 'warrant' to get the information themselves. Would Microsoft then say 'sorry we are an American company, so therefore that Irish 'warrant' does not apply to us'.

If so, then who on earth has any control over one of the world's largest technology companies?

My personal view, if there is overwhelming evidence that a personal email could contain crucial information about a serious criminal, or criminal act, then I say hand it over, because surely them being stopped makes the world a safer place for the rest of us?

Then again, who protects us from big brother (aka the worldly governments, not the celebrity TV show, although we may also need protecting from that too!)?