Cyber Security...

IMO. This has been created from a bunch of fraudulent criminal activities that have occurred for years and have finally been recognised by the Government as important enough to now have their own title. So hat's off to the Government for pushing this agenda.

You could say if an IT department was mindful of the issues out there, experienced in the basic's of the world of IT, then the Cyber Certificate should just be a 

'please can I have it as these are the basics and we are already doing it...'

However, IT departments often have legacy issues, 

- On Site Support

- Off Site Support

- Out Sourced Support

- Support from outside the UK

- Seen as a cost code, not a business continuity and innovative world

- Directed by the Finance Director, who knows nothing about IT, but sees the figures cross their desk 

I think the last one says it all. The Finance Director. Any business that is working in current IT terms, should have a IT Director or CTO or CIO with and IT background.

So again, well done to the government for pushing the agenda to get the IT world to start to do the basics and start marking life as hard for the criminals as it is for the hacked.