There has been a decent uptake from law firms aiming to tackle the Cyber Security agenda.

I have to say it still baffles me at the lack of knowledge from people I talk to or meet from the Legal world, whilst on training or at seminars.

Large firms are and have been investing money in to the right area's to combat an un-combatable situation, which is the best that can be done.

The SME's are playing too, yet some are still sticking their head in the sands. New data protection laws rolling out early 2018 and need to start being implemented now.

Once it is a 'live' law the ICO will no doubt be looking to the Legal, financial and health sectors to make an example of someone. That example for a small/medium firm will be between 2-4% of the business annual turnover, and more likely the 4% to make a bold statement from the off.

Do you want that to be you?

Start implementing the baseline Cyber Essentials Accreditation as the bare minimum. Let’s get the Legal sector to the top of the table when it comes to IT innovation, security and integrity.

Remember it's the low hanging fruit that gets picked off first, make sure you are closer to the top of the tree and aim to keep your neck above everyone which will drive the needed change.